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Have you ever watched Veronica Mars and thought, "Wow, this break-up scene sure is sad, but man, where can I get that sweater Veronica is wearing?" If so, you have found the right place. This community will be dedicated to finding out just where the wardrobe people pick up Veronica's clothes and accessories and if they are still available for us ordinary beings to purchase.

We'll also discuss just what worked and what didn't on each episode (with regard to the clothing only of course, we enjoy being shallow). Feel free to weigh in with your own thoughts and discoveries.

Like clothes okay but just want to let your speculation do the talking? Tell us all about your theories on why Veronica wears three layers of clothing when it is 90+ degrees in Neptune. Is she feeling shy and closed-off? Maybe you think Veronica's necklaces are the keys to the entire mystery, go ahead and post it, we'll be happy to hear it all.

Veronica is not only topic here either, though as the main character she is our main focus. Talk about all the characters on the show. All the superficial is in play here, hair, make-up, clothing, accessories. All the components of neptune_style. Come join us!

Episode caps used are from _jems_ and her fab site, VM Caps.

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