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Normal is the Watchword: Help Identifying Shirt

Hi all! I've been doing a re-watch of Veronica Mars, and realized one of my favorite shirts from the series was never identified. Looking through the tags of that episode it looks like a lot of people loved the same shirt, so I was wondering if anyone succeeded in identifying the brand?

The top is a 3/4 sleeve, pink sweatshirt with a wide neck and appliqué of a rainbow/sunset, from Normal is the Watchword. See image below!

I also noticed during the rewatch that the shirt seemed very similar in construction and design to the purple "I Heart Guitar" shirt from Season 2, Episode 2, Driver Ed. I would guess they were the same brand if anyone has identified that shirt? Pic below:

Also, is anyone looking to sell any of their VM wardrobe collection? Thank you for your help!